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A picture tells…

By on September 11, 2017

You know you are getting old when you are introduced to someone who is in their thirties and you find yourself saying, “I knew your Father.” So it was when in one of my visits to Dhurringile Prison that I

Thoughts on grief.

By on September 6, 2017

Grief is never what you expect it to be. Each death is different and gives rise to its own unique feelings and expressions. Each person who grieves does so from their own experiences and circumstances. There are tragic deaths, unexpected

Be kind. No Exceptions.

By on August 18, 2017

I was ordering a hamburger from my local fish and chip shop. I felt like a few chips with it, but when I looked at the menu board it said, “Minimum chips $4.00”. There are some things in life that

Choose life.

By on August 4, 2017

Some people have the ability to make good come out of evil. It has been 20 years since the Thredbo landslide disaster, the event that changed Stuart Diver’s life.  Recently Channel 9’s ‘60 Minutes’ featured a segment on the sole

The bits of ourselves that reside in other people’s minds.

By on July 25, 2017

In our everyday life remembering is the norm. We expect to be able to remember things, faces, names, and events. We make heroes of people with exceptional memory. We get worried when we have a “senior’s moment” and forget things

Wrong train but a good destination

By on July 24, 2017

I was doing the basics of my preparation for Sunday’s church services, between pruning the vineyard, getting ready for a meeting in Seymour, another meeting back at the vineyard, organising a fill-in player for our pool team, and the usual

The Sower

By on July 13, 2017

I can’t believe that there are not more hymns that directly relate to the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-9, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 6:4-15). Such a great multi-layered story. So with a little trepidation, here is my take on a

What if your talent is a burden?

By on July 9, 2017

As a very average, but competitive spirited,athlete, footballer and tennis player in my youth, I used to envy those natural sportspeople who were taller, faster and more talented. What l had was passion, but I lacked talent. I’d have given

Sometimes the well is dry

By on July 5, 2017

I wrote this on 30th June. A week later, things change… After a promising April, the early rains led to hope that the winter crops of wheat, barley and canola would be in for another good year. But May and

Living in a fog

By on June 27, 2017

Around my way the mornings have been quite foggy of late. As winter has set in and the days have been quite dry and sunny, the still and cold nights turn any moisture in the air to a dense fog.