Tony Davies is the Presbytery Minister for Pastoral Care and Mission will be the guest speaker at the Parish Service to be held at Colbinabbin Uniting Church at 9.30am. Tony commenced full time in this role with the Presbytery in late 2018 and has somTony Daviese clear and insightful views on mission and our role in it.  “The mission is God’s”, say Tony, “From the beginning God has invited us to share in God’s work of reconciliation to the world. The most powerful invitation came from Jesus as he invited ordinary people to leave their lives behind and follow him.”

For Tony mission is not something that we pay others to do on our behalf in a far off place. Rather, mission occurs where we are, and with the people with whom we are present at that moment. He believes that in partnership with God, we are called to offer home, hope and help in the person of Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit. God is always generous – in the way God reaches out to people we might ignore, and in the way God equips us for the task. Tony says that “Mission must always be ‘incarnational’ because it is primarily about relationships. Just as Jesus was the incarnation of God offering real friendships to all people everywhere, so too are we called to be incarnational, offering real friendships to the people with whom we engage.

The stranger in the street is never just a stranger – they are a real person whom God loves. Through Jesus we can know something of the love of God, so too must the Church express that same love in its life and practice in the community.

All are welcome to attend. The service will be followed by morning tea.