I believe that bread comes from grain
that grows in the wind
and the rain
with the farmers’ help
far from the eyes of city folk.

I believe that bread comes from love
the love of [God]
the love of the farmer
the love of the baker’s hands
the love of those who bring it to me.

I believe that bread can be
and should be broken
and shared
and given to all persons
until all have enough
and then some.

I believe that Jesus loved bread
and took it
and broke it
and blessed it
and fed his disciples
and asked them to feed us forever.

I believe enough in bread
to want it from Jesus
to want it to nurture me
to want his life through it
to want to give life through it.

I believe that his body as bread feeds me
and as part of his body
I want to be bread for others.
I believe the Spirit will help me
as well Jesus’ people. Amen.

~ from Bread for the World Worship Aids II, posted in Liturgy, Justice and the Reign of God.