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Rev. Brian Spencer

After a 27 years hiatus from parish ministry, Brian Spencer returned to ministry with the Waranga Uniting Churches in 2013.

Having been ordained in the Churches of Christ in 1977, Brian had ministries with the Wentworth District Uniting Parish (in co-operation with Dareton Church of Christ) from 1978 -1983; and at Nunawading Churches of Christ 1984-1985.

Brian worked in a variety of projects with long-term unemployed, juvenile justice, crime prevention, youth homelessness, corporate communications and workforce development.

Brian was CEO of the Community Services & Health Industry Training Board in Victoria from 1995 to 2007.  He has 40 years experience working in the public and community sectors in management, policy development, program management and service delivery. Brian has worked extensively in adult learning, workplace learning and recognition of informal learning. Brian has been the chaplain at Dhurringile Prison and run his own consultancy on workforce development and training as the Managing Director of Optin Solutions. He has led education and research projects in Singapore, Bahrain and the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands).

He is passionate about making/finding meaning, the wonder of grace, experiential learning, skill development and helping people reinvent their lives. Widely respected as an innovative, strategic and lateral thinker, Brian has a deep faith and is a passionate, creative and entertaining communicator. He describes himself as liberal in theology, progressive in thought, and innovative in practice.

Brian Spencer shares his time between ministry with Waranga Uniting Churches (Colbinabbin, Murchison, Rushworth and Tatura); working for the Presbytery of North East Victoria as Education, Innovation and Resource Support Minister, and running the Cornella Brewery and Shiraz Republic, a 25 acre vineyard, winery and grape supply business.  In his spare time he likes spend time with his wife, Cynthia Page, his children and grandchildren and to play pool, develop websites and relational databases, make multi-media presentations, short videos, talk and drink red wine. Brian contributes a regular column, “Living the Good Life”, to the Waranga News and the Tatura Bulletin.

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